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Zipix Technology, Inc.

Zipix is a technology company that provides creative solutions that enhance current enterprise platforms with low operational and economic risk.

Zipix merges the capabilities of experienced boutique consulting firms. Our members have an extensive track record of successfully implementing applications such as Oracle Demantra Demand Management solutions from concept to completion. Our members have hands-on-keyboard technical skills as well as effective project management skills.

In the Demantra realm we offer end-to-end implementation as well as review-and-revitalization of existing models. This includes the DM, AFDM, S&OP, PTP, and DSM modules. Today, Promotions and Trade Planning (PTP) is a hot topic and is being considered and implemented by many CPG companies looking for an edge.

The creative aspect of our offering is a broad set of programmatic, database, web, and mobile development skills that allow us to quickly and affordably address gaps in commercial applications by providing or building bolt-on tools that add value. Examples include zipETL to provide quick and easy integration between systems and zipVIZ to quickly collect, display, chart, and interact with data from any typical data source. If you have an unusual problem involving heartburn and headaches with data and applications, call us and we will solve it together.

We are a vendor for enterprise-level solutions to project management, time & and expense management, documentation management, and data analytics within the Salesforce platform.

We win when you win; low-risk, on-budget, on-time projects by leveraging proven and repeatable practices.